About Us

We grow with you

Stanford Finance Corporation (SFC) is a provider of innovative personal, commercial and business loan products. We cater to a wide range of clientele – from individuals and small and medium business enterprise. From our incorporation in 1994 until the present day, we have continuously grown with our customers as we deliver pioneering products, backed by our seasoned management team.

Based in the Philippines, we continue to fortify our relationships with our stockholders, the other companies of the HDI Group and our financing partner based in Hong Kong. Our strengths enable us to effectively reach the core needs of our niche market.

We build relationships that last

Our range of products has widened through the years, showing that we are committed to serve more customers. Moreover, we aim to develop lasting relationships with them. We meet these goals by understanding our customers’ diverse needs and making sure that we integrate them in our product line.

We strive to earn your trust

We see every day as a new chance to earn our customers’ trust. It demands hard work, integrity and transparency. We do it by providing you with the best products and employing the right people with the right attitude and commitment.

We deliver our promises, guaranteed

We have earned a reputation of fulfilling our promises. Our history has been filled with the most exciting successes and trials as well, but we have exhibited the skills and experience that have enabled us to be dependable to our customers. Thus, we have made many dreams of improving lives and communities a reality.

We move into the future together

With over fifteen years of history and experience behind us, we are moving forward by offering more exciting financial products for our customers. In turn, we want you, our customers, to move forward with us. We want you to have peace of mind: in us and in your own ability to secure your financial future.